Making Heart Health A Family Affair Copy

Making Heart Health a Family Affair

When it comes to your health, the habits that you form as a family have the greatest impact on the habits your children will have as they become adults. That’s why it’s critical that you make keeping your hearts healthy a family activity.

Everyone should be involved because even if your children aren’t at risk for heart disease yet, they will become at risk in the future if you don’t start good habits now. The first thing you can do to really improve your family’s heart health is to eat at home.

Eating in restaurants is known for being high in fat and calories. Eating at home is almost always more nutritious. In addition to being healthier because of nutrition, eating as a family has also been shown to help children do better in school and have more positive self-esteem.

Physical activity is another thing that families can do together. There are all kinds of ways you can work together to get your bodies moving. For example, taking a family walk at the end of every evening is a great way to get physical activity and spend time with the ones you love.

You can also try other activities such as bike riding, roller blading, and roller skating. These activities are as fun as they are healthy. Starting a family garden can also be a great way to keep your heart healthy.

The actual labor of planting and tending your garden is a great way to improve your physical activity levels. In addition, the vegetables and fruits that you grow make great additions to heart healthy cuisine. Children who grow their own vegetables are more likely to want to eat them.

Start new family traditions such as having family night each week. Make family night an opportunity to go bowling, play miniature golf, or go hiking at the closest nature trail. Focusing on fun activities that are also good at keeping your body moving will help your children to naturally develop good habits.

As a family, you should limit the amount of time you spend vegetating in front of the television. It’s hard to tell kids to be more active when the adults aren’t leading by example.

Instead of watching TV, try finding something to do outside that is more beneficial to your health. That’s not to say that TV should be banned, it should just be watched in moderation. For example, give your child a specific amount of time or number of shows that he or she can watch each night.



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